Unglue toxins and impurities from your skin with this bentonite clay mask.

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  • The NOOD Pink Clay Face Mask can be used on your hair and body too!
  • Ideal for shrinking pores, removing impurities and firming and moisturising your skin


Bentonite Clay: Absorbs materials by sticking to their molecules or ions. When you remove the mask, the clay takes any toxins with it.

NON-NEGOTIABLES: natural, vegan, sustainable, plastic-free, palm oil-free, synthetic colour- and paraben-free, fragranced with essential oils, suitable for all skin types, including sensitive skin

ABOUT NOOD: Born out of a mother’s quest to solve her daughter’s chronic eczema, NOOD is an all-natural, sustainable skincare brand with a focus on sensitive, irritated skin.

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How To Use

Mix with either coconut oil or water to turn it into a thick paste and apply to desired areas.


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